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Should you remortgage?

Should you remortgage? Taking out a new mortgage on a property you already own is known as remortgaging. Why should you remortgage? There are plenty of good reasons to take this step – and [...]

What is equity release?

Equity release: The fastest growing sector in the mortgage market What is equity release? Equity release provides homeowners over the age of 55 with the option to release money from their home. [...]

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Gifted Deposits

In this article, we’ll be looking into one of the specific options available (usually) to parents and close relatives to help their children raise the funds required for a deposit when purchasing [...]

What Is A Draft Contract?

Buying and selling houses, especially as a first-time buyer, can feel like a minefield of unknowns.It can be challenging enough to understand the basic conveyancing process, let alone the [...]

Spring Statement 2021: Housing Market

It was a highly anticipated Spring Statement, which the nation was looking towards, for ways in which the government would look to navigate out of the economic destruction, in the wake of the [...]

Your A-Z on moving house documents

While the conveyancing process is becoming more digitised there are several essential documents required to process your property transaction. Upon completion, as well as throughout the sale, you [...]

Getting your home ready to sell

Many vendors focus on getting the aesthetics of their property up-to-date when preparing their property to go up for sale. Yet, there are other ways in which a seller can get their house in order [...]

What is a conveyancer?

What is a conveyancer? Confused about what is meant by the term ‘Conveyancer’? “Conveyancing” is the term used to describe the area of law which deals with the legal process of the [...]

Right to buy: Am I eligible?

The Right to Buy scheme is a fantastic way to purchase your first home. However, if you are new to the property ladder, you may not be aware of what makes you eligible to qualify for Right to Buy [...]

What kind of survey do you need?

What kind of survey do you need? Having a property survey done is one of the most important steps on the journey to homeownership. Your home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so [...]

What is Right to Buy?

The Right to Buy scheme has been helping council tenants own their own homes for nearly 40 years. Introduced in 1980, the Right to Buy scheme assists those who live in properties owned by the [...]

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