Completing your Remortgage Questionnaire

Have you received your remortgage questionnaire and don’t know where to start? Do you need some help from us so that you can complete it? This article will talk you through why the questionnaire is important and what information we need.

Why do I need to complete the questionnaire, I have already given this information to my broker / lender?

The remortgage questionnaire will provide us with important information that we need to complete your remortgage, so please ensure the details you give are as accurate as possible. We appreciate that you may have given some information to your broker already, however this may not cover everything we need.

Why do you need my mortgage account number?

We need your existing mortgage account number, so we can find out how much you owe on your current mortgage.

Why do you need my bank details?

If you would like any surplus proceeds sending directly to your bank account upon completion, we’ll need you to fill in your bank details on the questionnaire.

You’re not acting for me, why do I need to sign your terms and conditions?

We need to liaise with various people to complete your remortgage and we need your written authority to be able to do this. For example, your current mortgage provider owes you a duty of confidentiality. Without your written authority, they may refuse to provide us with a redemption statement, meaning we would be unable to complete your remortgage.

Do I need to sign on all four lines of the signature section?

No. Each borrower needs to sign on one line only. There are four lines provided should there be up to four borrowers on the remortgage.

Where do I find my title number?

If you hold a copy of your title deeds, the title number will be on these documents. Don’t worry, if you don’t have this information, you can leave the section blank.

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