Coming out of lockdown 2.0 – how does this impact property moves?

As lockdown 2.0 has come to an end, the government has implemented local tier restrictions in order to help tackle the spread of Coronavirus. But with each tier having their own set of rules and restrictions, how does this impact people moving house?

In short, the housing market is still functioning as normal. This means despite what tier you are in, people are still free to move home, as long as you are not self-isolating or are in quarantine. Though there are some government guidelines you still must follow when it comes to moving house.

Those who work in estate, lettings agents and removal firms will also be able to continue working as normal but are required to take steps to ensure properties are prepared for new tenants, such as cleaning to help stop the spread of the virus.


The government is encouraging virtual viewings to take place (if available) before physically viewing a property to help reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Meaning you should only visit a property in person when you are more likely to make an offer.

During viewings, it is encouraged that homes are left ventilated and surfaces such as door handles are cleaned after each viewing. If someone has come to view your house, it is recommended you are not in the property when there is a viewing taking place.
It is required when viewing a property, that you avoid touching surfaces and wear a face mask. If you do for whatever reason touch a surface such as a door handle, it is vital to wash your hands or apply some hand sanitiser after.


The nature of moving house during the current housing climate has never been more different and requires a lot of flexibility. Property agents up and down the country have been adapting how they function to help reduce the risk of COVID-19.

It is vital everyone during the moving process follows national guidance to minimise the spread of Coronavirus; from social distancing, wearing a face mask and washing your hands.


If removal firms are unavailable when you move house, another household can help you move your belongings, but while abiding by COVID secure measures and government guidelines.

The government states people outside your household or support bubble should only help you move house if it is absolutely necessary.

It is encouraged that each item in your house is cleaned down before being handled by others. Homes should be kept ventilated while removers are inside to help reduce the spread of the virus. Those handling items should also be washing their hands regularly to reduce the risk of transmission.

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