Moving day: Our guide to the completion process

Our Guide to Moving Day

Moving day has finally arrived; its time to move home. Hopefully, everything should go to plan, but unfortunately, there’s never a guarantee that it will.

The completion date (or moving day) is when all the money for your home is transferred and you receive the keys to your home, ready to move in. Your conveyancer will set up for your completion day, but how else can you prepare for the moving day? At Enact we make moving home and the conveyancing process as simple as possible. So, we’ve created a useful guide for you to follow when completion day comes around.

Choose your completion day wisely beforehand

Completion can only take place on a weekday. It can be all too easy to set your completion day to a Friday, since this is the opening day for the weekend, giving you time to move in without taking extra time off, and with a long stretch of time to get everything sorted. 

Many people don’t consider however how popular a Friday completion day is for home movers and removals too. Remember, a weekday may entail booking time off work, but a Monday or Tuesday completion day is more likely to suit your removers and you may find they have better availability or may even be cheaper.

Prepare for delays

All money involved usually needs to be transferred by 1-2pm, on your allocated day of completion. However, things may not always go to plan, especially if you are involved in a chain. You can prepare for this by allowing the removal process to take the full day. 

Triple check all of your outgoings have been paid

Charges for stamp duty and VAT, for example, should be paid before the completion day by everyone involved in your chain. Its important that everything has been paid for beforehand, on your part, in order for the completion day to run as smoothly as possible. 

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