Ways you can keep your financial costs down when moving home

How to reduce your expenses when moving

When buying a property, you will need to make allowances to pay money to several entities throughout the process. It is therefore a good idea to keep a log of all these outgoings to fully understand the costs involved in buying and moving into a property.

Some costs are fixed and non-negotiable, whilst, for the savvy minded, there are ways in which you can reduce or even remove some of your overall expenses to make the process of buying a property as cost-effective as possible.

Shop around for the best movers

With so many removal companies out there, it is a good idea to shop around to find the right company for you. Comparing the prices between movers and taking note of what services are included within the cost will allow you to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

Make sure you also take a good look at the reviews from previous customers so you get a good idea of the level of service being provided.

Plan to move on a less popular day and book your movers early

In the property industry, it’s a well-known fact that the most popular day of the week to move home is on a Friday. The reason is that it coincides with a weekend, allowing house movers to take less time off work to settle into their new home.

However, the downside of this is that often removal companies are busier and charge more during these days. This is of course simply due to the popularity of moving home before the weekend.

By choosing a less popular mid-week day and planning your move early, you will have more options to shop around removal companies and get a more favourable rate.

Declutter your home

Moving home gives you an excellent opportunity to go through your belongings and donate, sell or recycle items you no longer need.

Decluttering you home is a simple action that can help reduce the cost of your move. Getting rid unnecessary items and furniture could potentially reduce your costs and the time it takes to complete your move due to needing a smaller van and fewer packing materials.

Reduce your packing costs

Most removal companies will offer you boxes for packing if you use their services, but they can be expensive in comparison to sourcing them elsewhere. You can save money by buying boxes online, either brand new or used, by checking the community pages on social media. Alternatively, you can often collect empty used boxes from your local supermarket or ask friends and family for any spare boxes they may have. You’d be surprised how much boxes can cost, and precious few people realise that a cardboard box can be used several times before reaching the end of its useful life.

You can also save money on packing materials by using clothing, throws or bedding to help protect your fragile items instead of buying plastic bubble wrap.


If moving out of rented accommodation as part of your agreement your landlord will expect the property to be cleaned to a high standard. While most people keep a rented property in good condition, they may be tempted to hire a cleaning company. This can give peace of mind that the property has been deep cleaned by a professional, yet it’s not entirely necessary. Most people could do a thorough enough clean themselves and save money in the process.

Temporary storage

If you’re downsizing and know that you won’t have space to house all of your current furniture, you’ll be wondering what to do with all the additional furniture. Many people would opt to use a rented storage solution. However, this can be a costly option and as an alternative, consider seeking out a private rental – people can and do rent out garage space as temporary storage options for a fraction of the cost of a larger operation.

There is also always the option that if you know you definitely wouldn’t use the furniture – try to sell it via eBay or online social media classifieds, whilst your property transaction continues in the background.

These are just a few ways in which you can save money to help keep your overall outgoing costs down when buying a property. It’s good to bear in mind that while some savings are small, they all can add up. This will then leave you with additional money to put towards fixtures and fittings when you do move into your new home.

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