Six questions to ask your conveyancer

When it comes to buying or selling a house it can be a very overwhelming process, so, you’ll no doubt have loads of questions in need of answering. Having a conveyancer will help you answer any questions you might have at any stage throughout the process. But what sort of questions should I be asking?

Our team of expert conveyancers have come up with their top six questions you might want to ask your conveyancer:

Why do I need your help?

Now, this may seem a strange question to be asking your conveyancing lawyer, but it is completely normal to be contemplating the need of having one. Conveyancers are there to assist with any legal and administrative elements of the sale and/or purchase of your property, but asking why you need their help, will help shine a light onto what you are gaining from the conveyancing fee. Conveyancers offer a wide range of services and asking your conveyancer this question will provide you with a full outline of the services they will provide.

How much money is having a conveyancer going to cost me?

When you buy or sell a house it can become quite costly, including the price of a conveyancer. One you have asked a conveyancer about the services they will provide you’ll want to discover how much exactly it is going to cost.

When it comes to finding a conveyancer, it’s recommended to scout around and get several quotes for comparison. The process of getting a range of quotes will help you see what creates good value for money, but it might not be wise to go for the cheapest price. When comparing quotes see whether it covers a fixed fee, what the full quotes covers, and is there still a fee if you decide you no longer want to move.

What are disbursements and are they included within my fee?

Once you have been given a quote from a conveyancer, you’ll want to know what is included within the cost. When it comes to deciding on a conveyancer, lookout for quotes which are good value for money and double-check if they factor in things such as disbursements.

Disbursements are third-party costs. This will include things such as the cost of searches and the registration of details of your transaction with the Land Registry.

During the process, who is going to look after me?

During buying and/or selling a property you may wonder who exactly guides you through the entire process. Asking your conveyancer this question will help create a smooth experience.

Throughout the course of buying or selling, try and deal with one person where possible as it will help build a good rapport and prevent you from repeating yourself. During the process, it is also good practice for your conveyancer to give you updates so be sure to check you’ll get this as part of your service. Many conveyancers provide online case trackers to help keep you updated on the latest milestones of your property transactions.

How long is it going to take?

Like anything, things take time. And the process of buying or selling a house differs from case to case. Although there isn’t a simple answer to how long things will take, only averages and approximations, it is still worthwhile asking this question. By asking you will communicate to your conveyancer you are wanting things done as quickly as possible and do not want to wait around.

Can I in any way speed things up?

Waiting for things can be very frustrating, so it is completely natural to want to know if you can do anything to speed up the process. By asking this question you’ll be able to gain a good insight into how you can make your house sale or purchase run like clockwork. Anything from replying to questions promptly and signing documents on time will make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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