When is the best time to sell a house? Ask the average person on the street and they’ll no doubt say spring, or perhaps even autumn. It’s a commonly held belief that selling your home at any other time of year is a grave error that’s sure to see your property sitting on the shelf ignored for months on end. But is this necessarily the case? Does the housing market really hibernate during winter and take an extended break all summer? During the summer months, are people really thinking more about going on holiday and organising childcare for their kids, and less about viewing houses? Possibly. But in our view, selling your home in summer isn’t the terrible idea it’s believed to be.

Why sell your home in summer?

  • The sun is out and the sky is blue, so your property, garden and area are likely looking their best.
  • Even if your prospective buyers are away on holiday, they’ve more than likely got their smartphone with them and may well be browsing properties whilst enjoying an afternoon in the sun.
  • Selling your home boils down to a simple numbers game. If you’ve got more people looking at properties generally, you’ve probably got more chance of finding a buyer for yours. But then again if more people list their property for sale in those peak times, you’ll be up against more competition. If fewer houses are on the market during the summer months, yours will stand out more.

So, if you’re serious about selling, don’t wait around until autumn. You could miss out on your perfect buyer!

Our top tips for selling your home in summer

  • Get your photos done while the weather is still good – the majority of buyers will see your property online first. Blue skies, sunshine and a flourishing garden will all help create a picture-perfect first impression.
  • Make use of the long days by getting those small DIY and home improvement jobs done.
  • Enjoying some time in the garden? Put down the pina colada and dig out the secateurs instead. Spend a little time sprucing up your outdoor space and beautifying your beds. Check out our guide to making the most of your garden
  • Price your property realistically – always get at least 3 valuations from different estate agents, and don’t be tempted to go with the highest. Pitching the price a little lower can often help attract more potential buyers through the door.
  • Light, bright and airy rooms will give a sense of space and freshness – so declutter, keep colours neutral and replace any heavy, dark soft furnishings.
  • Bring the outside in – open up your windows to ensure good ventilation, add little flourishes like a vase of cut flowers, or a couple of potted plants.
  • Shed light on darker corners with well-placed lamps and ensure all blinds and curtains are kept wide open during viewings.
  • Shine those windows – the summer sun can be dreadful for showing up dirty windows, so book your window cleaner for before you start viewings and make sure you polish up the insides of your windows to a high shine.

If you are thinking of selling your home this summer, our advice is to go for it! And when you find the perfect buyer, we’ll be on hand to help with the legal aspects of your sale.

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