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Your conveyancer will play a big part in the process of moving home – it can be a stressful and busy time, and people often cite the legal aspects of moving as the most difficult part of all. This is largely due to the fact that most people don’t really understand the conveyancing process, which leaves them feeling frustrated, powerless and in the dark. This effect can be worsened by the tendency of more ‘traditional’ conveyancing firms to rely on old-fashioned snail mail to communicate with clients, as well as having limited, 9am-5pm phone lines.

If the thought of having to wait around for the postie to deliver important documents fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Increasingly, home movers have been turning to online conveyancers for the legal aspects of their move. But as with any industry sector, some firms are better than others.

The good news is, whether you choose an online conveyancer or a traditional, high street firm, there are things you can do to get the best from your conveyancer.

 Choose wisely

Your choice of conveyancer can mean the difference between a smooth, stress-free house move and one which is fraught with difficulty and miscommunication.

Before you appoint your conveyancer, have an open and frank conversation with them. Ask direct questions about their availability and communication methods, and make sure that they suit your needs, working hours and lifestyle. Most importantly, can you see yourself working with them on your move in the coming weeks and months? If something feels off, scratch them off your list.

 Respond quickly

Once you’ve appointed your conveyancer, things should start moving pretty quickly. At Enact, we get moving on your documentation the very same day. One simple thing you can do to get the best from your conveyancer, is to respond as soon as possible to any requests for information, documentation or signatures. That allows your conveyancer to maintain momentum and helps you all to sail through the process without unnecessary delays or hiccups.

 Stay up-to-date

Some modern conveyancing firms, such as Enact, offer online case trackers. That means you can log in at a time and place to suit you, to check on the progress of your move. Making sure you stay informed throughout can help to prevent the feelings of frustration that can otherwise arise as part of the moving process.

 Ask questions

Don’t understand something? Waiting for the results of a search? You don’t have to be a passive participant in this process. Never be afraid to pick up the phone (or send an email) to ask a question or make sure that something’s been done. We’re all human, and with the best will in the world, things can get missed from time to time. This is your house move, so if you’re unsure about anything, it’s best to check. There are no silly questions, and you will never be wasting people’s time.

As with all relationships, the key to a successful partnership with your conveyancer is communication.

As long as both parties keep the dialogue open, you won’t go far wrong.

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