What is a Local Authority search?

The price of the local authority search will be included as part of the conveyancing quote. These searches are required in most property transfers, especially when a mortgage provider is loaning money to the person buying the house. The conveyancer will usually request these searches on your behalf.

Local authority searches are an incredibly important part of the conveyancing process, as they provide you with essential information regarding the house you are thinking of purchasing. These searches are split into two separate parts: an LLC1 result and a CON29 result.

LLC1 results

Results from an LLC1 search will tell the future homeowner a great deal about the property, for example, if the property is a listed building. If your future home is a listed building, this will prohibit you from making certain structural changes, both internally and externally.

LLC1 results will also reveal if the home is situated in a smoke control area, meaning you cannot emit smoke from a chimney unless using exempt appliances, such as a stove. They will also report on whether your new home is located in a conservation area or where you may be restricted in terms of future development of the property. 

CON29 results

CON29 searches will reveal a number of different potential issues, for example:

  • Whether or not your prospective new home is built upon contaminated land.
  • If the property is within a radon affected area.
  • Whether there are any planning permissions or building regulations approvals which have been granted or refused at the property.
  • They also inform you of any proposals for new roads or traffic schemes within close proximity of the property.

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