Boost kerb appeal

Selling up? Boost your kerb appeal!

If you’ve ever watched a property programme on TV you’ll surely have come across the term ‘kerb appeal’ in relation to selling a property. If you’re putting your home on the market, it’s certainly something you should consider. So what exactly is kerb appeal, and how do you get it?

First impressions

Kerb appeal is the phrase commonly used to describe how your house looks to potential buyers from the outside. We all know that first impressions count, and this is absolutely the case when you’re selling a property. Buyers can make a split second decision whether to buy or not to buy, often before they even set foot inside the door!

Think about houses that you’ve seen advertised online or ones that you’ve noticed whilst out and about. Without even thinking about it, you will have discounted many as potential homes, simply because you didn’t like the exterior. The way houses look from the outside has a huge impact on their saleability.

Do I really need kerb appeal?

If you want to secure a speedy sale, the short answer is yes. The photo of the exterior of your home is usually the primary one used when your property is listed on websites like Rightmove. If the lead image doesn’t entice people to click on it to find out more, you’re likely to have less interest and fewer viewings.

How do I boost my kerb appeal?

Most people won’t want to go to the trouble and expense of drastically changing the design of their house and front garden, simply to add kerb appeal. However, there are small, affordable changes you can make to the look of your home’s exterior, which will make a big difference.

Here are our top tips on adding kerb appeal, without breaking the bank.

  1. Making an entrance

The entrance to your home (i.e. the front door) is hugely important in terms of first impressions. Old, peeling paint? Clean it, rub any flaky bits away and give the woodwork a shiny, new coat. Make sure the shade matches your home’s character. Smart townhouses look great with muted greens and elegant greys, while cottages suit cheery brights such as a pillar box red. If your door is uPVC, give it a really good clean to restore its original colour and condition. Use specialist cleaning products if necessary.

If your door furniture (think letterbox and knocker) has succumbed to rust over the years, you can replace these fairly cheaply – just head to your local DIY store.

  1. Channel your inner Titchmarsh

While you’re at the DIY store, head over to their garden section and pick up a couple of colourful potted plants to place outside your home. A touch of greenery works wonders for your kerb appeal, but an unruly front garden can have the opposite effect, so while you’re selling, keep everything neat and tidy. If you have a lawn, keep it mowed and trimmed, sweep away fallen leaves and be sure to tame any overgrown bushes.

  1. Add a little pressure

If you have a drive, decking or a paved area at the front of your home, a good pressure wash can make a huge difference to the way your property looks from the outside. Blasting away the dirt and uncovering the clean slabs or brickwork underneath can be pretty therapeutic too!

  1. Be neighbourly

Once you’ve got the outside of your property looking spick and span, cast an appraising eye over the surrounding area. If the street directly outside your house is strewn with leaves or litter, it makes good sense for you to keep on top of this too, even though it might not strictly be your responsibility.

Likewise, if you have elderly or very busy neighbours, they’ll appreciate a hand when it comes to bringing in their wheelie bins, or doing a spot of weeding. It all helps to create a positive first impression, and you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling from helping your neighbours out – it’s a win-win situation!

  1. Add a little sunshine

Unfortunately, you can’t order good weather for every house viewing. But once you’re happy that you’ve added all the kerb appeal you can muster, it’s worth waiting for a clear, sunny day to take your exterior shots. Buyers browsing property websites will be automatically drawn to homes framed by a clear, blue sky and the sunlight will cast your home in a lovely, warm glow too.

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