Top tips for when you move home

Phew! Your move is complete! Time to put your feet up right? Unfortunately, not…there is still some work to do!

Given how stressful it is to move home can be its not uncommon for people to want to relax once they have got their keys. As a result it’s far too easy to put off some of those supposedly less important tasks. However, there are some things you should really consider doing once you have moved.

Locate meters, fusebox and water

As soon as you are in the property, take meter readings ASAP to avoid any potential issues with utility bills down the line. You should also locate the fusebox (to avoid a potentially hazardous expedition when your lights go off at night!) and stop cock for your mains water.

Consider changing the locks

Something you may not have considered when you move home, but something worth thinking about. Who knows who may have a set of keys to your home?

Switch utility provider

When you move into a property, you are automatically placed on the current supplier’s standard tariff, which is generally a lot more expensive than other deals available on the market. As the switching process can take some time, it’s worth starting this as soon as possible to avoid over paying for your utilities.

Updating your address

Probably the most time consuming task, but never the less one of the most important ones! Making sure banks, insurance companies, media providers, mobile provider and family and friends have the right address for you is pretty critical, especially given the risk of idenity fraud. Check out our moving checklist to make sure you have everything covered. If you haven’t already done so, also consider setting up a mail redirect with the Royal Mail.

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