How new build properties tick the ‘green credentials’ list

When buying an off-plan property many buyers are incentivised by the fact that the property is brand-new rather than an older property that comes with the wear and tear. Yet – new-build homes also boast several eco-living credentials that could save you more money further down the line.

A new-build costs you less in energy bills

Thanks to the latest building regulations a recent report by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) revealed that on average, owners of new homes save £435 on household bills per property each year.

New-build homes all come with cavity wall insulation meaning heat is not lost through drafts – it is stored in the walls to keep your home warm. Furthermore, windows are either double or triple glazed, your kitchen appliances that come as part of the property will be A+ energy rates to keep energy consumption down and low energy lighting will also be fitted as standard.

The HBF states: “The home building industry has continued to build homes to changing requirements, using new materials, methods, and technologies to maximise the energy efficiency of the new properties and meet the demand of an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base.”

At the time of writing this, gas and electricity prices are at an all-time high meaning owning a new build home could ease some of the pressure mounting on consumers with the cost-of-living crisis many people are facing.

Preparing for the future

Along with being constructed to modern building standards – as of this year (2022) new build properties are required to be built with electric charging points. This requirement aligns itself with the government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030 with hybrid models available until 2035.

This is a big step towards the UK’s pledge to reach its net-zero target by 2050 while making life easier for owners of electric cars as sales for these types of vehicles become an ever-growing market.

Another instrumental change to support the government’s ‘net zero’ target is that gas and oil heating will be banned from all new build properties by 2025. Instead, low-carbon alternatives such as heat pumps or hydrogen boilers will be considered.

The list of eco-living benefits to new build property can vary from developer to developer – however, the above are just some of many ways that buying off-plan can support the UK’s aspirations for a more sustainable living future.

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