The purchase and sale of a property is very much a case of spinning a lot of plates and it can feel overwhelming at times. There’s no clear cut road map detailing at which point you have to do something, but having a basic understanding of the various milestones along the journey will help keep things on track, including when to instruct a conveyancer.

For many, the assumption would be to appoint your conveyancing solicitor when you’ve had your offer accepted on the property you wish to purchase or when you agree to an offer on the property you’re selling. Both scenarios aren’t wrong, but what if you were to appoint your conveyancer sooner?

If you’ve already made the commitment to put your house on the market or you know you’re actively looking to purchase a property then it wouldn’t be unreasonable to appoint, or at least choose, a solicitor at this stage. When your property goes on to the market you will have the ‘for sale’ price to guide you and for those that are looking to purchase a home, you’ll have a budget in mind on how much you can afford to spend. Therefore, you will have all the necessary information to get started with appointing a solicitor.

You may be wondering, what’s the advantage of instructing your solicitor or conveyancer so early on in your property journey? But truth be told it puts you in good standing to do so. The initial work your conveyancer will carry out includes money laundering checks and identity verification both of which must be dealt with before beginning the conveyancing process.

What’s more, if you’re buying a property, having your conveyancer appointed and already on the case shows you’re a serious buyer and adds to the pro’s list when discussing with an estate agent about putting in an offer on a property.

From a house selling perspective after the necessary checks have been made you’ll be asked to fill out a series of forms about the property including:

  • Property Information Form
  • Leasehold Information (if the property is a flat/apartment)
  • Fixtures, Fittings & Contents Form

These forms take time to complete and are solely reliant on you, the homeowner, to action so having these completed ahead of time enables your solicitor to then put together a contract pack to supply to your buyers’ solicitor at the point you accept an offer on your property.

The sale and purchase of a property are notoriously known for taking a long time to complete, more so when you’re in a chain. However, by making sure you’re one step ahead and appointing your conveyancer from the offset you can really make a difference in keeping your transaction moving forward as quickly as possible.

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