The benefits of appointing a conveyancer earlier in the property move process

It’s a question asked by many “when should I appoint a conveyancer when buying or selling a property? Many would-be buyers and sellers have been under the impression that appointing your conveyancer or property solicitor would be once your offer has been accepted and/or when you’ve accepted an offer on your property.

However, as leading experts in the conveyancing industry, we’re here to tell you that this is simply a myth.

When to appoint your conveyancer if buying a property?

As soon as you’ve decided to buy a property there is no reason why you shouldn’t do your research and make your decision on who you want to manage your conveyancing.

When to appoint your conveyancer if selling a property?

As soon as your property is on the market it’s a good idea to have your conveyancer in place at this point.

What are the benefits of making this decision earlier on?

From a buyer’s perspective, along with your mortgage in principle, it shows estate agents that you’re serious. Therefore, when you put in your offer, they can list this as one of the pros to assist the vendor in deciding as to whether they accept your offer or not.

If you’re selling your property, there are several forms that your conveyancer will send including the Property Information Form (TA6) and the Fittings and Contents form (TA10).

You’ll also need to source any certificates e.g. warranties and guarantees, and proof of building regulations or planning permission if you’ve had work carried out to the property.

By filling out the necessary forms and sourcing supporting documents ahead of accepting an offer, it will enable your conveyancer to prepare the draft contract. The draft contract uses this information as well as other documents, which is then supplied to the buyer’s conveyancer once you’ve accepted their offer.

This proactive approach can shave off several weeks from your overall timeline, especially if you’re selling your property as it allows you to focus on your onwards purchase.

If you’re in the process of looking for a property or getting ready to put your house on the market get a free conveyancing quote today.

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