Our Top 5 Tips for Moving Day

For months now, you’ve been planning, anticipating and working hard for this very day, and now it’s finally here. It’s Moving Day! So how do you feel? Excited, eager and in control? Or apprehensive, stressed and worried?

If you’re the kind of person that thrives on a tight deadline and tends to leave tasks until the last minute, chances are you’ll feel more than a little frazzled come moving day. Because the truth is, moving house is one of those tasks that you really shouldn’t put off until the last minute. Just because the contracts are signed and exchanged and the end is in sight, that doesn’t mean nothing else can go wrong. Believe us, it can! So do yourself a big favour and set some time aside to prep for the big day.

Our top 5 tips to a stress-free move should get you off to a good start.

1. Pack a survival kit

Your survival kit should contain all the items you’ll need for the first 24 hours in your new home. There’s likely to be quite a lot so expect your kit to take up at least a couple of boxes. Mark them clearly on the top and sides, and if possible, pack them in your car rather than the removal van. At the very least, you should load them on to the van last so that they’re the first to come off.

Your survival kit might contain:

• Basic crockery and cutlery (not cooking supplies though – you don’t need the pressure of cooking and besides, half the fun of moving house is surely the takeaway on the first night!)
• Kettle, mugs, milk, teabags, biscuits
• Sandwiches and snacks
• Water bottles
• Pet food and bedding
• Baby items if applicable / children’s toys
• Toiletries and towels
• Your bedding
• Breakfast provisions
• Change of clothes and nightwear
• Unpacking/sorting essentials such as scissors, bin bags
• TV
• Phone and charger
• A bottle of fizz and glasses!

2. Remove your valuables

With so many people coming and going from your old house to your new one and back again, it’s likely that your doors and windows will be open at times. To protect yourself from theft, it’s worth finding a temporary home for any valuables that you might have in your house. Leave them with a friend or family member to pick up later, and then at least you won’t have to worry about anything going astray.

3. Place your pets

If you have pets, try to arrange for them to be looked after elsewhere for the day. Moving house can be stressful for your furry friends, not to mention harder for you if you have an animal under your feet while you’re trying to get organised. Introduce your pet to its new home once the major work is done and things are feeling a little calmer.

4. Pack smart

When packing your belongings, try to be mindful of what unpacking them will be like, and aim to make life as easy as possible for future you, by:

• Not making boxes too heavy
• Packing by room and clearly marking the room on the box
• Prioritise – pack frequently used items together and mark them as a 1 on the box. Likewise, pack less used items together and mark the boxes with a 2. You can get to those later.

5. Ask for help

Moving house is a daunting task for anyone, but particularly so if you‘re on your own. Getting friends and family to pitch in and help can make the whole process quicker, less stressful and more fun. Even if all they do is make tea and entertain the kids while you get on with unpacking the essentials, it’ll still make the world of difference. You can repay them later with dinner or drinks in your new pad.

Finally, remember that even with the best will in the world, moving house will be stressful. All you can do is accept that fact and plan to alleviate that stress as much as you can. So follow our tips and remember to BREATHE. You got this.

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