Five tips for a stress free move

As it is well documented, moving home can be a very stressful event. Therefore it is best to plan your move as much as possible and be prepared for the unexpected! With so many parties involved (especially if you are in a big chain) there can be bumps along the way.

Here are our top five tips to avoid a stressful move:

Work out your budget

At the earliest opportunity work out all the costs associated with your move. Try using cost of moving calculators to estimate likely expenditure and also speak to friends and family regarding their experiences. Always try and have a contingency amount just in case something unexpected happens.

Plan your schedule

Try and be realistic regarding your schedule – for example, don’t gear up for being in your new home within less than a month from making an offer as its unlikely this will happen! On average it can take anywhere from 8-14 weeks for the process to complete and may depend on factors outside of your control.

Choose a trusted conveyancer

Given this is likely to be one of the most significant financial transactions of your life you should choose a conveyancer who you can trust to protect your interests. Always make sure you do plenty of research, check out independent review sites (for example trustpilot), and don’t assume that a firm offering a cheaper price will give you the same level of service as another firm who maybe costs slightly more.

Create a checklist of things to do

Planning, planning and more planning! Try using a checklist and make loads of notes regarding the new property. Ask some practical questions of the current owners too via your conveyancer or estate agent to avoid any surprises when you move into the property.

Be flexible and ask for help!

As time moves on and the stress levels increase it’s all too easy to become frustrated with the situation. Where you can try and be flexible as it may mean speeding up the process or preventing a stalemate situation, on what you may look back on to be a minor issue. Also remember to ask for help from family and friends if required – everyone loves packing after all!

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